It’s been a while since I have actually wrote something rather than merely post a survey. The uncertainty of life is something that is staring me straight in the face. I am in a state of limbo in all aspects of life. I am completing my master’s degree in December. Now I seriously have to make a decision that will affect the rest of my adult life — what career do I want?

This uncertainty leaves me anxious… I want answers. I’m impatient. I tend to get bored easily and I need to keep my mind active. This impatience absorbs all aspects of my life: work, school, friends, relationships… sometimes it is good, but most times it drives me to the breaking point.

Turning 25 has also sent of rush of ideas, thoughts and plans through my mind. I am truly unsure of what path or door I should choose. Part of my problem stems from the fact that I want to do too much, if that’s a downfall at all. I also found that I have developed traits that are less than desirable. I know where and how they came about and now that I have recognized them…it is time to change.

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