space and bikinis… it’s what’s on students’ minds

well, edwin told me that this story was blog worthy. I decided to take his advice and post it and have all my friends enjoy it. Well, some of you may actually have heard the story, the animated version, that is. plus, i added some details that i forgot. In that case, you can ignore this post if you like.

As most of you already know I substitute teach at Grady high school occasionally. Last Friday, I had to cover for a business class. I was supposed to cover an English class. The teacher actually gave me the work ahead of time. But, since the permanent sub in the building did not want to handle this business class, I was given the task. I apparently have gained the reputation of being the sub not to mess with. haha. The class is usually taught in the computer lab, but the school does not allow or trust subs in the lab. It seems that the last time it was allowed the students destroyed everything while under the supervision of a substitute teacher. I was told to take the class to the library instead. Now, it was an entrepreneur class and the students were all working on their own businesses. Naturally, there is a ghetto girl looking at shoes on the computer. I seriously asked if that was what she was doing her business on. That’s when all the huffing and puffing began and the issue of me being in her “space.” I’m like, listen, all that attitude isn’t necessary, just answer the question, and she’s like, you aren’t going to like my answer. The entire time, mind you, she is sucking her teeth and rolling her eyes, and still talking about me being in her “space”. I simply told her that she was going to have a lot of problems in life and I walked away. At that very moment, some other manish looking hood girl was like, ooooooo shit, that’s a fight on my block, yooo. I’m like, no fighting, you don’t want me to get in your face. I just I let them be. I decided to talk to the UN boys; they were planning on opening a restaurant. One of them wanted naked girls to serve the food and I told him it wasn’t sanitary. He had his heart set on a strip club that served food; he had a slogan and everything. He said, ” Come hungry, leave horny,” I convinced him and the others that they could have the women dressed in bikinis from different parts of the world, and have it be a global themed restaurant. That seemed to go over quite nicely. Well, there it is just another day in the life of tinamarie. ;o)

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