boj is job spelled backwards… SLAP!

My subject headline will make sense after reading this:
I learned a little game today while substitute teaching… my lovely students, they are awfully creative.

Here are the rules… they were nice enough to teach me the rules before asking me to play. I do not believe the game has an actual name.

Here’s the setup: If you use a word that begins with a B, you have to scratch your chin. You cannot scratch anything but your chin. If you do not scratch your chin, you will be slapped.

Now… there are little penalties in between: you cannot make up words to draw attention, and you are allowed to say ’bout, and first names are included.

I obviously opted out of playing this game, even though getting permission to bitch slap certain students was enticing. And I did actually teach them something: ’bout is short for about… but it is also a boxing match or a struggle of sorts. The students were so excited about learning a new word… it prompted them to play Hangman.

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