multi tasking is what i do best…

I decided to write a blog instead of working on my DACS assignment. What’s DACS, you ask? Well, maybe you did not ask. But, I will tell you! DACS stands for Describing Archives: A Content Standard. There are a bunch of rules when describing archival material that archivists should abide by. I have decided to get my archives and record management certificate in addition to my MLIS degree. So, now that I’ve bored you with all that archival talk. I will divert to your attention to how I’m procrastinating.

Instead of working on my assignment, I went to the feast at my church in the neighborhood. Gambled some of my money (hey, it’s a donation to the church!), ate some zeppoles and helped my family win a giant goldfish! ;o) If you are special enough to come to my house, you can say hi to Nemo. I must give myself a little credit. I am multi tasking, and only watching parts of the final episode of Sopranos (you know, when I hear a gun shot or something like that) because I’m attempting to finish this lovely assignment.

I do not know how I managed to finish my MA degree ahead of schedule. Speaking of MA degree, I will tell you how Brooklyn College is the one of the most inefficient institutions in New York. I did not attend graduation, as many of you are aware. Why? Well, I was not listed in the program as a graduate because the acting graduate advisor of the English department forgot to submit paperwork. Now, this paperwork should have been submitted back in November. I called the graduation office when I did not receive my graduation tickets on time. I was told to call the degree audit office, and on May 3rd, the degree audit office decides to tell me that this paperwork was not filed! Six months later they decide to inform me of this! Once the paperwork was filed, I could attend graduation but I would not be listed in the graduation program, which is the only recognition that one receives at graduation. So, what is the point of going to graduation, spending money on a cap and gown, if I’m not even in the program? Well, I decided not to go. I will attend my MLIS graduation next year, and that’s that. But, I am definitely writing letters of complaint to the Dean, the President, and whoever else is in the chain of command over at Brooklyn College.

Anyway, I need to get this assignment done. I have a job now, which requires me to be there at 8:30 am. I feel like the moment I turned 26; I gained all kinds of responsibilities. I cannot burn the midnight oil anymore. It is taking a bit of adjusting to actually work five days a week, not being able to stroll in late, or call out sick for no reason. I am not complaining. I love the stability that this job brings in my life. I just know in order to keep my insanity; I will need to take mini getaways on the weekends this summer! Who’s coming with me?

Well, I got my fingers warmed up, now it’s time to type that assignment…

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