I’ve been reading a lot of articles, blog entries and messages about the Mets and how horrible they are playing, and how they blew it for the playoffs, and how the fans in Philadelphia are dancing in the streets. Call me a hopeless optimist, but there are three games left! I will be at tonight’s game… Carolina, Denise and I have a good track record of the Mets winning when we are there, right guys! Now – of course, I get frustrated with the Mets. I yell at them, and threaten to deport half of the team. But, win or lose, I support them, and I know they will come through! And my Yankee fan friends can laugh all they want at me! ;o) p.s. you can have all of your bandwagon fans back now! We just need the faithful… fair-weather fans, be gone!

***update*** i’m still believin’ – next season, we’ll make it – for now – i’m sticking with the national league, and rooting for the cubs. ;o)

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