Am I asking for too much?

I have to say that I am pretty bummed about John Edwards and the suspension of his presidential bid. I just cannot support Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. I am not voting for firsts, I am voting for issues. I really could careless about having a “black” or “woman” president. This election has turned into a reality television show. Who is getting voted out today? Finally, Edwards receives decent media coverage he deserves, and it is when he decides to leave the presidential race. The interests of the mainstream media are strictly corporate. It’s all about dollars and cents. And believe me, those dollars are not going to go into American public’s hand. That’s why Edwards was enemy number one to them, and the hype of Clinton and Obama will continue to fatten their wallets, not yours.

So what do I want? I want to have a leader who actually cares about the American people. I want someone to take office and actually do something that will benefit the greater good. Maybe, politics is just too cutthroat for me. But, that’s what a leader should do. This country goes to war for what reason? I’m still trying to understand why America is so concerned with making democracies in other countries when our own country needs serious revisions. We need to fix our own country.

Seriously, I see why other countries do not respect us. Our dollar is shrinking, our health care system is deteriorating, jobs are just lacking, and people are starving here in America. People cannot read in America. People cannot afford to go to college anymore, it has become a privilege and not a necessity. Education and health care are fringe benefits now. And what does our country vote for? I want to see the first black or woman president. I do not want gay marriage or vice versa. Seriously, is that what is really important?

Maybe I am not seeing the big picture. But voting based on race, gender, religion and sexuality – it doesn’t solve any of the big problems. Maybe it’s cool to do that, and maybe it’s not cool to care about education and healthcare. Maybe it’s not cool to say, let’s get rid of poverty. Maybe it’s just too idealistic to think that this country can actually make a difference.

Am I asking for too much?

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