Stimulus, in more ways than one

You knew it was coming – how could I not comment on the whole Spitzer debacle? Sure, it’s the likely story. Spitzer tried to play the morality card, and he got busted. Did he really think it wasn’t going to get caught? Honestly, I don’t feel bad for the guy. He paid thousands of dollars for a dirty whore. I feel sorry for his daughters – what a disgrace. And his wife, Ms. Silda Wall Spitzer – leave his ass! I’m SO tired of the “stand by your man” routine. What the f*ck, ladies? And as for “Kristen” – do I really have to go there? I don’t want to hear the victim bullsh*t! A no-talent hooker is making millions, why? We have poor, hungry people out there, and instead of shelling a buck out to feed one of them – we shell out money to download a song by some trash. There is definitely something wrong with this country.

Then, we have the Stimulus Plan by our lovely President Bush. Sure, I’d like a little extra money. But, how about this? Instead of just giving out money to spend – why not take the money and actually fix something that you destroyed and messed up in last eight years!

I expect these politicians to have brains. Apparently that’s just not necessary. I just need to get over it and take my stimulus money. Right? Maybe, I’ll just go and download “Kristen’s” jams tooI could go on – but it’s way past my bedtime

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