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why the media annoys me…

The media is pissing me off lately, and for more than one reason.

As many of you know – I work in a journalism library. Keeping up with the media – it’s part of my job. But, as I keep up – I become more and more annoyed. This morning, I read an article in The Nation about bitter politics. The Nation has been the only magazine that I read, and I don’t get annoyed. Thank you, The Nation. ;o)

I felt compelled to write about it. I haven’t written a political related blog in a while. But, this is not entirely political though. I’ve become disinterested in the petty politics that have taken control over the fight for a Democratic Presidential nomination. I attempted to watch the most recent debate in Pennsylvania, but a ridiculous amount of time was spent on a freakin’ flag pin, or should I say the lack of one. Seriously, the government spent between $1 trillion to $3 trillion on a useless war, yet the moderators felt it was necessary to talk about a flag pin for nearly an hour. This is American politics, and guess what, most Americans are choosing their votes based on trivial topics as well. George W. Bush became president because he was the type most wanted to have a beer with. Now Hillary Clinton is going around touting her humble beginnings by taking shots of Crown Royale in Indiana, and the same BS politics are grabbing votes. The same politics that became fixated on John Edwards’ $400 haircut or John Kerry’s passion for windsurfing. Last time I checked that stuff doesn’t make you a better leader. Let’s start talking about issues, people! For this reason, I’ve been leaning toward Barack Obama for my vote. He has been talking about issues. This is something that John Edwards did – he was progressive, he talked about the issues, and left the “old politics” aside.

Aside from politics – let’s talk about baseball, and Delgado’s so-called refusal of the curtain call. The baseball media writers were so fixated on that, I was at the game, and no one seemed to care about it. Maybe we were so shocked that Delgado actually hit the ball. We were happy that he got two solo homeruns in the game. Let’s focus on the game. Baseball writers need to find something better to cause controversy about!

Speaking of controversy, Howard Stern and the “women” of the View have no business talking about the photos of Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus. Are they serious? He looked her boyfriend. She was looked like she was topless, blah blah blah. I’m just so tired of the nonsense that gets covered in the media. The media wants to make Miley Cyrus enemy number one as they crowned Eliot Spitzer’s whore as the media queen. What is wrong with this world?

You know, I should worry about the billion assignments I have due next week – if I don’t do them – I will not be walking down the aisle. Well, I will walk down the aisle. But, that pretty piece of paper with the letters M.L.I.S, it will not be mine. ;o)

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