If I had a billion dollars… I’d buy the Mets

Waking up this morning after recovering from a sinus toothache (yea, it exists). I heard the news about Willie Randolph being fired at 3 AM Eastern Standard Time! Now, it’s not a surprise that he was fired. The rumors and threats have been flying around all season. But, I didn’t think the Mets organization would have no class and end it so abruptly. I always liked Willie; sure he made some bad decisions at times. But, he didn’t deserve to go out like this. Seriously, the man has had to deal with the one of the worst bullpens in baseball at times, a team of “veterans” who are always hurt and on the disabled list – I blame Omar Minaya for the failures of the Mets. Why does he keep signing these bums? Omar is the one who should have been packing his bags, not Willie. With that said, Willie definitely deserves more respect than what he was given. Before Willie arrived in 2005, the Mets were the laughing stock of baseball. He helped bring dignity back to Shea. He gave us fans something to believe in once again. I’ll always be grateful to Willie for that. It’s a shame that the Mets organization didn’t have the same appreciation, and they treated Willie with such disrespect. It was a cowardly move to fire Willie the same they did. Willie deserved more, and the fans deserved more. Shit, if I had the money, I’d buy this team from the Wilpons – they have no clue what they are doing. Simply put, it’s a sad day to be a Mets fan.

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