Yes, you knew I’d have to say something about John Edwards

I’m disappointed. That pretty much sums it up. Of course, I’m disappointed that he decided to cheat on his wife. But, that isn’t what bothers me. Honestly, that’s not my business. If Elizabeth decided to forgive and forget –that’s for her to live with. Politicians and their personal lives really aren’t our business. But, it becomes our business when they lie about it. In 2006, John Edwards should have just came clean and said, “yes I had an affair, and my wife and I are working through it.” Instead, Edwards decided to lie to the public and call the allegations “tabloid trash.” This is where I begin to question his character and credibility. I still support his ideas and visions for this country. I will continue to support such efforts. I am grateful that Edwards inspired me to have a renewed interest in politics and law. I will continue my own efforts to make changes one day at a time, as cheesy as that sounds ;o)

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