No More K-Rock…

So… I have been living under a rock it appears… I just heard about the switch to top 40 format yesterday. At 5 pm today – K-Rock will no longer be. It has been replaced by NOW FM. Real original? It is going to try and compete with the juggernaut Z100. Good luck, CBS Radio with that one. While, this isn’t the first time that 92.3 changed formats. Remember FreeFM? But, the only rock station that remains is the old smooth jazz station, 101.9. I haven’t actually tuned into “The New York Rock Experience.” as I hardly listen to the radio. Except for when I’m working, and I usually listen to 92.3. But, I’ll have to give it a try. Anyway, this is probably why no one listens to the radio anymore. All the stations play the same music!

One thought on “No More K-Rock…

  1. Yeah, the lines between radio stations have seriously blurred leading to everyone having the same format. It’s moments like these that I miss my 100 song play list which a flock of legal eagles stole from me. Now all I got is my Zune, which allows me to listen to Warren Zevon, the Beatles, Three Days Grace, Bon Jovi and John Coltrane on B-Radio.

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