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Addicted to Celebrity Gossip

I admit it, I have an unhealthy obsession with celebrity gossip. In addition to E! Online and Entertainment Weekly, I subscribe to Perez Hilton’s blog, anything that Jezebel and Salon send me, and the list goes. I have become well versed in things I really don’t want to know about, such as this: People Like Her Hairy Puss. WTF, why did I need to know that, and of course, now I had to share it with everyone. I hardly read “actual” books anymore, this may be the decline for me. I need to go a museum pronto, get some culture in me, besides pop culture. If I was listed on New York magazine‘s Approval Matrix, I feel that I’d be low brow yet brilliant though ;o)

One thought on “Addicted to Celebrity Gossip

  1. I actually have an aversion to celebrated gossip. I don’t have the patients for gossip in general. Also I don’t really see the point in shouting from the mountain top “people like her hairy puss!” But to each their own. I have a board game obsession and tend to get upset when people think monopoly and Risk is all that is out there. I also collect dice (d3, d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and d10s) and fortune cookie fortunes (My wallet is full of them). I can’t really explain why.

    I wouldn’t consider this a decline, it’s just something that holds your interest. I’m sure you can juggle both “War and Peace” and Perez Hilton’s personal thoughts.

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