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What I witnessed last night…

On Thursday, May 7th, I watched the Mets vs. Phillies and Oprah’s interview with Elizabeth Edwards. I guess cheating was the secret word, ala PeeWee’s Playhouse.

First, Shane Victorino needs to go somewhere, and going back to Hawaii isn’t even an option anymore. I just can’t stand him. After last night’s charade, seriously, he is always playing dirty in some way. The obstruction call on Reyes last night was so ridiculous. Victorino forgot what sport he was playing, and acted like a football player charging at Reyes. Manager Jerry Manuel came out to challenge the ump, and it ended up with Manuel getting tossed. Here’s the clip, if you missed it:

Cheatin’ Victorino aka Shane the Bull

Yes, I have now dubbed him Shane the Bull, and another blogger, has shown his record of being a cheater, very well done:

Note: Shane Victorino is a Cheater

To continue, Elizabeth Edwards was on Oprah to talk about her cheating husband, my former poltical inspiration, John Edwards. As many know, I was ready to make him our next president.  It is annoying that Edwards are now in the spotlight again for this cheating scandal. Granted, it is willing. Elizabeth Edwards has a new book coming out, Resilience, and she’s promoting it. But, the issues that originally brought the Edwards into the political media realm are all but forgotten. Poverty, inequality and class… news media rarely covers anything about this anymore. I realized the news media isn’t the only one, I haven’t done much either. It prompted me to look at the organization that John Edwards unveiled a while back: Half in Ten, and get involved!

That’s all, folks. ;o)

One thought on “What I witnessed last night…

  1. I’m not a big sports fan, but with steroid scandals, over priced seats, over priced egos, and that anything to win attitude I wonder if anyone enjoys playing anymore. Not to say there aren’t honest players out there, hell some have even done there fair share of good works in communities and established charities. It just feels far too much like an industry then a game for my liking.

    As far as the John Edwards scandal. The media is never going to focus on his political views again. Which sucks because he could have been a positive force in the political world. I’m also really upset at him. He is a smart guy an had to know that having an affair was playing with political suicide, especially being on a campaign trail. I’m not asking for him to be perfect, but having an affair can be avoided. I don’t say this from a moral perspective, because in that regard i have no right to judge, but from a political perspective it was damn stupid.

    Hopefully people will see fit to carry on his principles and in time someone will run with a similar platform..And see fit to have their affair while they are in office lol

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