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My way to a smaller ass and ecological footprint…

I’m about to turn 28 in two days, eek. This year, I’m going to seriously take a different approach to a lifestyle change. It’s more than just wanting to fit into my skinny clothes. Hell, that’s a separate story in itself, which I’ll probably write about in a few. But, I’m going to take baby steps to a more healthy lifestyle, and not just for me, but for the environment. And before you think I’m going all tree hugger on you, I’m not. It’s not that being “a tree hugger” is a bad thing either. I just want to do my part. Baby steps means taking meat out of my diet two or three times a week. This week, I have started. I had veggie buffalo wings, and surprisingly they were edible. I have had this notion that veggie food couldn’t possibly be good. Now, I’m not going to lie and say that I am not going to miss eating meat at first. But, I just remember reading stuff at PETA, and I’ll survive. But, my main source has been this site: Go Veg , it’s pretty informative, and I believe it is run by PETA too. And, my dear friends who have already adopted this lifestyle, give me guidance, you wise ones, you know who you are.

Now, on to the skinny clothes, since when did size 12 become plus size? What rock have I been living under that a size 12 is no longer considered average? Seriously, something needs to be done.  I was in the mall recently, and I walked by Ashley Stewart, and they now carry size 12? Is this an attempt to reach more customers or has the retail industry decided that being a size 12 isn’t considered a normal, average size? That just really annoyed me. Not because it’s a crime to be wearing plus size clothing, but it just gives the impression that being a size 12 is no longer accepted as average size, soon a size 10 will not be “good enough” and women will continue to have eating disorders and unhealthy body images, and the cycle will never end.

So, that shopping excursion made me realize that, yes, it will be nice to fit into my size 12 jeans, that are now considered plus size, but more importantly, adopting a more healthy lifestyle will make me feel better about my contribution to the society. Yes, it is a society thing, read this: Eating Your Way to a Smaller ‘Ecological Footprint’.

Enough preaching for one day, right. ;o)

4 thoughts on “My way to a smaller ass and ecological footprint…

  1. Going Veg… Interesting thought…. I’m gonna go on the go veg website. You must make exceptions for Philipo food though!!!

  2. As far as food goes and my foot print i have decided to return to a simpler time and become again one with the wild. Embrace those bits of savage that still reside in my DNA and make some random forest my home. Hunt with the tools i was born with when I’m hungry and hop from tree to tree while shouting with a mangled vocabulary when the mood strikes me. I figure in that lifestyle my ecological footprint will fade along with my desire for civilization and my girth will be dependent on how good a hunter i am…lol

  3. 1. Stop eating meat. It’s cruel, it’s unecessary, It’s selfish. We only do it because our parents did it, and they gave it to us. And their parents did it and gave it to them. Let’s start thinking outside of the box. I can’t think of ONE good reason for people, at least in first rate, prosperious, “civilized” nations, to eat animals. Further, the meat industry does not care about you. It is all about making a profit. It is how mad cow disease came about. A farmer knew his poor cows had it, but because he would lose is precious profit, he sold them and they were mercilessly slaughtered and made into burgers and people ate that meat and died. Lots of people died. For what? Stop eating meat NOW and thanks for at least trying those veggie buffalo wings (I can put you onto the BEST veggie products that don’t taste like cardboard or vomit. In fact, I have served entire vegetarian meals to people with stuff that looks like meat, and it was devoured…then when I revealed what it really was AFTER the meal, all of a sudden, everyone had that gag reflex face. Oh, okay, if it was so gross, why did you take seconds AND lick your plate? Suckas!)

    2. Size 12 is still the most common size in America. But America is an overweight country, by and large (no pun intended). But the question is, are you happy at a size 12? Do you look and feel the way you want to at a size 12? Can you run up three flights of stairs without needing an oxygen mask and portable tank? If so, then maybe a size 12 is okay for you. But maybe it isn’t. I’ve had weight issues all my life, and although I would love to be smaller and in better shape, it does not affect me the way it did when I was 21. I just don’t care as much these days. And I love food too much to stop it. Food is one of the last pure pleasures we have left to look forward to. You know it’s going to be good every time (unlike sex or a party or a movie). So, it’s really all about balance. Eat that food (something that doesn’t involve killing a poor animal, of course) and then go walk for an hour. That’s what I’ve been trying (for the past 2 days…). Right now, my size 12 pants don’t look half bad. And I’m sure yours don’t either.

  4. oh my dear tina size 12 is the norm n if ur a couple poundsm ore whooooo cares if u wanna get healtheir great but dont worry about bs!!!

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