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Shippin’ up to Boston

I made my first trip up to Boston this lovely Memorial Day weekend. Well, I didn’t do any of the driving, as most know, I do not have a driver’s license, hell, I don’t even have a learner’s permit. I may be taking the leap and signing up for driving lessons in the near future, I’ll keep you posted. Anyway, back to Boston, my lovely boyfriend, Louie, did all of the driving, it wasn’t too bad of a drive. It appears there is a lot of traffic in CT for some reason. To pass the time, Louie and I made up a game, called Name that Celebrity, basically we listed five facts about the person, and we had five guesses to name the correct celebrity. This game kept us occupied for most of the trip, we are easily amused.

So, I really enjoyed Boston, especially seeing my Mets play at Fenway Park on Saturday night. Witnessing the Omir Santos homer was a nice highlight. Fenway Park itself is an awesome ballpark, and I learned from my Duck Tour brochure ( more on that later) that Fenway Park is the oldest professional sports stadium in America, well, I thought it was just baseball, not all sports. But, it does make sense, and give it a bit more clout. The fans at Fenway Park that Saturday night was pretty mixed, hell the Cowbell man was there @ Fenway. Red Sox fans were nice, I sat next to an older couple, and Louie and I did not prepare ourselves for the drop in temperature. The older couple, the wife was a Red Sox fan, and the husband was a Mets fan, well, they kindly lent their jackets to us, because they didn’t want us to catch a cold at Fenway. Sweet couple. Here’s a nice shot that Louie took from the top of the Green Monster:

Fenway Park

Besides the baseball showdown at Fenway, we toured America’s walking city, went to Cheers where everybody knows your name, did a little bit of the Freedom Trail, 2 miles long, we just weren’t up for that, lazy asses we are, this was on Sunday. On Memorial Day, in honor of the veterans, well, not really but it sounds better, we went on the Duck Tours of Boston. Basically, you tour the city in a WWII vehicle that can drive on land and water, the vehicle takes you all over the city, and then goes right into the Charles River, which was pretty cool. I wanted to drive the vehicle, but only little kids were volunteering, and I didn’t want to look like a total fool. Next time. ;o)

One thought on “Shippin’ up to Boston

  1. Well as far as getting your license i got to recommend the driving school Jenn and I went too. The five hour class was pretty good and we had a driving instructor named Adam who was great.

    I got to head out to Boston at some point to visit my cousin Peter. I’m pretty sure you remember him from my birthday party lol.

    I did the Duck Tour in Philadelphia which was really cool.

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