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newbie view of the surprisingly fascinating world of conventions

So, I’m a newbie to the whole convention circuit. But, I have decided that I prefer certain conventions to others, and I have my reasons, and I figured I’d share for my minimal readership. ;o)

So far, my favorite convention overall has been Monster Mania. I don’t know it just feels more intimate without costing too much, and even if I am spending money, I don’t mind to give the admission fee to the guy who runs the show, Dave Hagan, he is very appreciative. I like that. I don’t feel like I’m being scammed, like Fangoria, with their gold packages, preferred packages, etc… it seems like everything has a price tag, and I doubt it is pretty dictated by the guests that are there. For example, the exclusive cocktail party with James Marsters that I attended recently, and while the experience was worth more than anything (I may write a separate blog entry about that!) , I can’t help but think, damn, Fangoria, you guys couldn’t spring for a few cocktail franks and some cheese, and maybe a glass of wine. Also, what is the deal with Fangoria, I should say, Creation Entertainment‘s service fees? It’s a bit ridiculous. I have decided that I will probably not attend anything “Creation Entertainment” related for a while. I know I will cave in eventually, because I want to go to one of their Salute to Supernatural events, so my attraction to Jensen and Jared will get the best of me.

Then, there’s the New York Comic Con, which makes me happy, and I am hoping to go to San Diego Comic Con one day in the near future. My only complaint how unorganized the con is!  They need a librarian (hint! hint!) to organize that place, it is too crowded, and too disorganized for my liking. The panels are a mess, and the lines are crazy long.

ooo, I almost forgot about my first convention, Big Apple Con – meeting has-been wrestlers, and waiting on a long line to take a pic with Hayden Panetierre, which we ended up getting for free!

Lastly, I’d like to go to Dragon*Con, this seems like the mecca of pop culture/sci-fi/media stuff, and it takes place in Atlanta, GA. Hey, I have always wanted to chicken and waffles, a road trip to GA may be in my future.


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