Goodbye Web 2.0, Hello Web 3.0

I do a considerable amount of tech related stuff for my job, its the only way to keep libraries fresh. Today,  a fellow librarian that I follow on Twitter informed me that Web 2.0 is now a word.

Check it out: Millionth Word of the English Language

I have been thinking about phrases like, “Web 2.0, Emerging Techologies, Library 2.0, etc” and the buzz words that make you “a hip librarian.”

Alot of the Web 2.0 stuff has become so mainstream, and you know what that means, it loses its cool cred. Look at the latest commerical for,  it is so annoying. I understand the concept, the age of user driven content = information overload. But, it needs to be toned down.

I am certainly not the first to write about the shift, and I definitely will not be the last. But, with the gaming industry’s latest – Project Natal hitting the internet via E3,  the world of Web 2.0 will be a distant memory.

Cool tech geeks have been working on these concepts for Web 3.0 for a while now. It’s the age of personalization, if you thought we were the “me” generation before, wait until Web 3.0. Getting information will become more and more personalized, the personalized portable web, it has been dubbed, according to this Web 3.0 in Plain English piece, or the Semantic Web, the web of data, you get the gist. Web 3.0 will now encompass what Web 1.0 (yep, it existed) and Web 2.0 supposedly couldn’t – management of information, the wedding of information that isn’t relevant to you.

Ahh, how I fondly remember signing on AOL a mere decade ago, eagerly awaiting for the little running man to connect, so I could enter the exciting world wide web and chat with my internet buddies via instant messanger. Look at how far we’ve come.

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