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The Eternal Optimist

I said something extreme yesterday. I will not watch Mets baseball until Monday, June 22nd. I doubt I can survive a whole week without the Mets. I don’t know why I’d say such a ludicrous statement.  I was just upset, and rightfully so, that the Mets dropped Sunday’s game to the Yankees in a tortuous fashion for Mets fans.  I’m still a little worried about Santana, and his career high nine earned runs.  I’m taking this approach, its just baseball… there are 100 more games left. Right?  Yea, I’m even questioning that highly optimistic thought too.

So, I got to thinking, if I didn’t watch baseball for a week. What would I do instead? Here’s what I came up with:

1.    Abuse NetFlix further. I still need to watch Milk; it’s been about a week that the DVD has been just chillin’ on my DVD player.
2.    If it stopped raining, perhaps I’d take my old 10-speed bike out for a ride.
3.    Write about something that’s worthy of being published. ;o)
4.    Finish reading the Astonishing X-Men comics, the semi-new Hanif Kureishi book, or Keith R.A. DeCandido’s Nevermore, a Supernatural tie-in, and his Buffy tie-in, Blackout. Note: I bought those last two paperbacks due to the eye candy on the cover.

I’ll probably still manage to do these things eventually… I’m being real optimist today.

One thought on “The Eternal Optimist

  1. Yeah I was with Mets and Yankee fans at Belmont Race track and after the game the Yankee fans did not shut up for the rest of the day.

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