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Self proclaimed “gerk”

I have been sitting on this post for a while. I was going to post it a million times, and then Michael Jackson died, and I had to say my piece on that. But, yes, I have been thinking a lot about the terms: geek, nerd and dork. I don’t know if this makes me a even more of a geek, nerd or dork, and more importantly, if you can be considered a conglomerate of all of the above. I’ll just state why I feel I’m a conglomerate or hybrid, and you can agree or disagree with me. ;o)

geek: generally known for obsessing on a particular facet of popular culture, typical examples include, star wars or star trek. Also, pretty good with technology, hence why geeks run the world. ;o)  why I fit in this category, I’m technologically sound, and I’m obsessed with… this may take a while: ( in no particular order) the Mets, P.O.D., Filipino literature/culture, going to conventions, books/comics, and the most of the guys on my eye candy list, which may cross reference stuff  listed already and include whatever projects they are a part of.

nerd: have more intelligence than the average folk. the phrase “book smart” applies, and “street smart” does not, this is definitely the case for me. I have no common sense what-so-ever. I once asked my sister, “How do you know if the water is boiling,” But, I’d say I’m pretty brainy. Plus, I’m a librarian, in other words, “nerdy by trade.”

dork: kinda clumsy, awkward, weird, yet kinda endearing. I have scars to show for my clumsiness i.e. the one on my elbow is from falling off my bike, and injuring myself on hay, yes, hay,  and then passing out from the blood. My friend (5 years younger than me) had to carry me to the First Aid station. Yes, this is  just one of many stories to tell regarding my odd ball/klutz-y ways.

so,  dear readers, this is why I’m a hybrid. I accept it, I’m a “gerk” — my attempt at fusion. ;0)

One thought on “Self proclaimed “gerk”

  1. Love the eye candy list! I am totally making one tonight. I also feel I am a hybrid of the three, but just a bit geek heavy. 🙂

    Great post.

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