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Finding a Doctor via Facebook…

Here’s the rant part of my lovely blog title.

Doctors and their staff is the topic, and basically why I need a new doctor asap.

Long story short, my doctor’s office called me yesterday regarding my allergy medication because I needed a refill, and the prescription expired apparently. I didn’t notice this, and off topic sorta, I should be using the mail-in pharmacy to save some cash, but I’m not. The pharmacy called the doctor’s office, and then the doctor’s office called me, and they left a message… I naturally called them back, and the doctor’s office has no recollection of this. The staff claimed I didn’t get the prescription from the doctor in that office. Meanwhile, I have been going to this doctor since last January. It was so ridiculous. Oh, did I mention I spoke to three different people, who all spoke broken English, Russian being their native language. Oh, and I wasn’t able to speak to my doctor to clarify any of this.

After this exhausting conversation, I realized it was time to find a new doctor. I asked for my records to be ready for pick up, and that I was no longer going to be a patient of that medical office. No one protested, and gladly agreed.

I promptly posted my desire for a new doctor on Facebook, and I now have an impressive list of suitable, reputable and English-speaking doctors, and staff. ;o)

The power of social networking, my friends. Wish me luck as I give my own version of a background check on these doctors.

One thought on “Finding a Doctor via Facebook…

  1. Doctors through Facebook. The alien invasion I believe has reached phase three. Just make sure the doctor is human and not taking DNA which will then be used to created an alien human hybrid that shall aid them is the final steps of the invasion. Also do not accept any plant or egg like presents from the doctor you decide to see. Trust me, you’ll thank me and the rest of the resistance movement later lol.

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