Library Day in the Life

I had good intentions to start the Library Day in the Life project on Monday. But, here it is Friday afternoon, and I’m finally settling down to do so. I thought I’d type up this blog yesterday. But, I met my mom in Coney Island for the free summer concert series. We really enjoyed seeing Connie Francis and Frankie Valli sing their hits, and when I got home I ended up watching Big Brother (definitely a guilty pleasure show, highly addictive!)

Anyway, thanks to summer Fridays, Thursday is the last day of the workweek for me. I’ll be using Thursday to give a glimpse into what I do all day. Also, I diligently tried to mimic the trend of hour-to-hour storytelling. But, it just wasn’t working for me. So here it goes:

I need to start waking up early. I hate rushing around in the morning. Rush to the train, and start my commute to work. I usually get a lot of my personal reading done on the train (I’m currently reading Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris, lovin’ these Sookie Stackhouse novels.) I also check my Facebook and Twitter via my blackberry, and read all of my RSS feeds (well, I read most of them) via Viigo, I love that application so much. If you have a Blackberry, you should use it.

I work in a journalism library that supports a graduate journalism program within a larger university. Currently, the students are off on their internships. Students still come around and ask for reference assistance on stories that they are working on, usually via email or IM though. I log into my computer, sign onto Meebo, and then make sure all the newspapers are displayed and checked in. I’m flying solo, my boss is out on research leave, (it’s a two person operation here) and there are no student assistants working in the summer.

I check email and respond to various requests. Next, I check for circulation notices. Not too much going on, this isn’t unusual for the summer, since there are no classes in session.

I sign on to the library’s Twitter account. I also add a few links to our delicious bookmarks page that I’ve found via Twitter. I download Tweetie, because I normally sign into each account (work and personal) separately. But, I have grown tired of it. I wasn’t crazy about Tweetie either. I sign on my personal twitter, and check Google Reader, and see that today is the Handheld Librarian Online Conference. I forgot to sign up, and then I learned that I didn’t have to, score!

Time for lunch! I decide to buy a baked chicken parmigiana panini from across the street.  I have been trying to eat a little healthier, and lose weight. I actually bought a Raw Food Diet book, but it looks and sounds too extreme. (I actually will write another entry about this.)

After lunch, I continue working on the digital repository. I upload the rest of the articles from the student-powered online news service here at the school. It is pretty time consuming and monotonous. I decide to multitask by listening in on Handheld Librarian presentations via conference and twitter.

I work my way through my to-do list. This portion of the day I like to call “housekeeping.” I get a head start on the reserve requests for the Fall semester, and do a little collection maintenance.

Listen in on Handheld Librarian and catch Sending out an SMS presentation. I’m gathering a lot of good ideas, formulate a list for my boss. I’ll fix it up and send on Monday though. I am also waiting for my boss to send over my yearly evaluation, as it is due today. I start my new to-do list for next week. I usually do it at the end of the week. I have several to-do lists: a summer project list, weekly and daily list. All of these lists are on post it notes that frame my computer screen. I handwrite the lists. I know it isn’t very tree friendly. But its an old habit of mine, there is a sticky notes widget on the Macmaybe I’ll start using it.  I have now received my evaluation, but I run into a problem of actually printing the PDF. I convert the document to RTF, and it starts printing. Woo hoo! Sign and deliver, and I close the library, and I’m out until Monday.

**note, I kept track of my day on post it notes, it’s an unhealthy addiction**

2 thoughts on “Library Day in the Life

  1. I like making lists. Each semester after finding out all that would be required of me for each class I’d make a list of my assignments in my marble notebook with a check box next to each and the date when it was due. And periodically through the semester I’d check the list and check off what I had done. I would always be happy to look at the list when more then half of the check boxes had checks in them.

    If I remember correctly I think the Great Gatsby enjoyed making lists too. It was the only thing we had in common to talk about when I caught him escaping the book that in essence was his namesake.

    I have no idea what an RTF is? And a raw food diet just sounds like a hospital visit in the making lol.

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