Why I miss Shea Stadium

I feel that I have been to enough games to say, yes, I miss Shea Stadium. This is not to say that Citi Field sucks, or anything like that. Believe me, I do enjoy eating Mama of Corona’s, Box of Frites, and Shake Shack (when the lines aren’t ridiculously long, which is rare), the food selection is definitely a plus. It’s just I still don’t feel at “home” at Citi Field. Granted, Shea Stadium was a hot mess, but it was “my” hot mess.

On August 2nd, I went to my ninth game of the season… and my sister got us a hookup for seats in the Ebbets Club, our seats were on the first base side entrance. The Ebbets Club is one of many VIP areas at Citi Field. I feel that if the Ebbets Club was named something Mets-related, rather than Dodgers-related, that sense of “home” may have been there.  Not exactly the idea of a rocket scientist, but the Wilpons didn’t think of it. It appears they didn’t think a lot about the Mets history from 1962 and beyond.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all that Jackie Robinson has done for baseball and for the world, he was a great baseball player and great humanitarian. But, he wasn’t a Met. And, yes, I know the history of the Mets. The New York Mets filled the void for Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants fans. But, still, Jackie Robinson was a Dodger, and a fitting tribute of that kind belongs in Dodger Stadium. But, Fred Wilpon forgot he was the owner of the New York Mets, and spent all his cash on the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, instead of the Mets Rotunda. Each time, I enter the rotunda, I think about how this is the main entrance to the home of the New York Mets, and there is nothing that screams “METS” about it.

And, this has to be the underlying reason I just don’t feel at home at Citi Field. Maybe with the latest news about including more Mets-related tributes and moments, maybe I won’t feel this way.

One thought on “Why I miss Shea Stadium

  1. The sad truth is even when designing a field money is foremost on the owner’s mind. Jackie Robinson is a baseball icon. What team he played for doesn’t really matter. The name it self represents something. The owners of the field are using that name to their advantage.

    I’ve been a Mets fan since the day I discover that just about everyone in my family was a Yankees fan. I’m not a rebel, I’m just a fan of the path less travel is all. I know next to nothing about baseball besides the basics. Jenn knows that for sure after all the questions I’ve asked her over the years. I was in little league for three weeks though.

    I’ve been to Shea and Citi and both have their flaws. Though with Shea it’s easier to forgive because Mets history is in the very walls there. Citi is still a new glove making it an odd fit. Even with all the perks. In time history will make its flaws easier to forgive. I know I will never forget calling for the apple to rise again along with all the others there in attendance in that stadium and that experience has given me a reason to like it just a bit more.

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