R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Librarians

Librarians just don’t get enough respect. There have been stereotypes from the beginning. Marian the Librarian, ring a bell? Sure, we all could be guilty of perpetuating these stereotypes once in a while. Before I started library school in January of 2007, I dressed up for Halloween as a “sexy librarian” see below:


But, I also value librarians, and its not just because I have my MLIS. The recent articles in the media about librarians (young and old) just annoy me. Have you read the CNN article? Ill sum it up. Apparently new, young librarians are all hipsters who Twitter and don’t care about the Dewey Decimal System. To quote an old colleague of mine, fellow librarian, who doesn’t Twitter to my knowledge: “BARF. Give me a break already…”

Librarians are educated professionals, we are the “MacGyvers” of information, most times we work with very little and give big results. Give librarians some respect!

Librarians aren’t all the same, some of us may have tattoos, some may abuse Twitter, and maybe some aren’t thrilled with library classification systems, but don’t think we are all cut from the same cloth, its insulting.

Take a look and see the different faces: Putting a Face on Librarians (thanks to Michael Campagna for sharing this idea with the Young Librarians series)

4 thoughts on “R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Librarians

  1. You know, its funny that this article caused so much controversy because I totally didn’t read it from that perspective! I actually found it to be quite good, despite the obvious “death the book” bias that is just fundamentally untrue. But I certainly didn’t feel like they were calling us hipsters….but maybe that’s just me.

  2. Lol thank you for bringing up these points about librarians! There’s a certain stigma about them sometimes. It’s true that I do use Twitter, but there’s also tons of other excellent online resources and tools available. One new one I just came across is infloox which is primarily for researching influences between books and authors. Very cool!

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