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I ♥ Dexter

If you have been paying attention to my Twitter or Facebook lately, you will know about my latest obsession: Dexter.

Yes, I am fascinated by Dexter Morgan. Who is Dexter? He’s a fictional serial killer, who only kills the bad guys. My favorite part of this series is Dexter’s inner monologue. I just love the stuff that doesn’t come out of his mouth. Of course, I did a little research about the actor, Michael C. Hall, and turns out he is from Raleigh, North Carolina. This information made me swoon further. I’m curious if he has an accent.

Back to Dexter, I can’t stop watching the show, I am up to the second episode of the third season. I will finish by September 27th when the fourth season begins. I have developed a pattern of falling asleep to Dexter episodes, its my little lullaby.

OH! I recently spotted a huge billboard near my job: Take a Look!

It appears my favorite serial killer will become a daddy. Is it twisted that I want to have Dexter’s babies? Probably.

5 thoughts on “I ♥ Dexter

  1. He DOES have a southern accent. You hear it when you watch “making of” Dexter shows On Demand. It’s even thicker when he did 6 Feet Under.

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