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Please, call me your Lordship

Having the opportunity to see both Nathan Fillion and Joss Whedon in a span of three days is definitely worth gushing about, at least for a newbie Whedon geek.

I must say that Louie has broaden my horizons, and introduced me to all things Whedon, the world according to Whedon, the acclaimed Whedonverse. You get the picture.

Thanks to Twitter, I found out that Nathan Fillion would be appearing at the Apple store in SoHo. So, last Friday, 9/18, I invaded with my mom and Louie.  Despite a rude guy who wouldn’t allow me to sit, kudos to my mom who sat in one of his seats anyway. 😉 Oh, I also got yelled at for taking the following blurry pic by an Apple employee:


So you may be wondering why did I title my blog post: “Please, call me your Lordship?” Well, here’s why, one of the first questions asked of the evening, someone called Nathan, Mr. Fillion, and he graciously responded, “Please, call me your Lordship, and laughter ensues, and then the person addressed him “My liege,” and Nathan accepted by saying “That’ll do.”

The Q&A was a lot of fun. A lot of funny moments and questions, I thought the coolest question of the night was when someone asked if he would like to play Ash from Evil Dead. I wanted to ask about when Two guys, a girl and a pizza place was coming out on DVD, but I held back. I tend to get shy, which may surprise some people.

I learned a few interesting things from the whole Q&A, which was pretty fantastic.Here is one of my  favorite moments:

Someone asked him about what he’d do if he wasn’t acting, he said his fall-back plan was to be a teacher. His parents are English teachers ( that’s why I talk so “good” – hehe, that’s what he said) , his brother is a Principal. But, when he got the call to be on One Life to Live ( to be the “best Joey ever” – his words.) He dropped school “like a hot rock.” The school wants him to come back and give speeches, donate money, etc. He proposed a trade, “”Hey, you’ve got something I want… you know… I want something on my wall.” I found this very amusing.

The last question of the night was a Firefly/Serenity question, and how it had not been mentioned all evening. It appears that Nathan had made a bet with the interviewer, because the interviewer promptly handed over a dollar bill when the question was asked ( yes, the Browncoats made Nathan some money.)  Nathan’s drunken imitation about his reaction to the cancellation of Firefly was pretty funny, he slurred his words and said something along the lines of “”YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR PROBLEM IS JOSS? You have hope! And faith!”, and then he commented on how cute Faith from Buffy was.

Want more Nathan Fillion? Download the podcast for free on iTunes:

Now, the real meat and potatoes of this post. 🙂

On Monday 9/21, Louie and I went to a Dr. Horrible Sing A Long Blog benefit for 826NYC at Symphony Space, it was hosted by Joss Whedon himself. As a relatively new fan to his work, I was excited to see how the power of Whedon transcended across a crowd of nearly 800 people. I also saw a few people that I’ve only spoke to on Twitter. The whole “putting a face” to a name was fun, and with that a special shoutout to @wysefyre, @bitsyfest and @buffyfest is in order.

Please consider visiting 826NYC,  and donating to a worthy cause (this non-profit organization supports students ages 6-18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and helps teachers inspire their students to write) If you want to hear the whole Q&A between Ira Glass and Joss Whedon, please go make a donation and download the Mp3. (p.s. I must admit my ignorance regarding Mr. Glass, but my new friend next to me let out a note-worthy fan girl squee.)

Here are a few pics that I took with my crappy camera. I need to invest in a new one soon.

Joss Whedon @ Dr. Horrible Benefit

**Updated w/ video as promised, I hope everyone donated to!

Here’s some of the video I took:

Oh, last thought: in both Q&As, Nathan Fillion and Joss Whedon mentioned the infamous Shakespeare readings in Whedon’s living room/backyard, the video above you can hear more from Joss about it. ;o)

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