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Media, Libraries and Typhoon Ondoy

A few days have passed since I learned about Typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines. I’ve been keeping up with developments via various media outlets, and I find that the coverage wasn’t as comprehensive as other disasters that have devastated other countries recently. I know it must seem like I’m always complaining about the media coverage of the Philippines, but it just never seems sufficient to me. I felt the need for a poll, and this will show how many people actually read my rants. ;o)

If you are interested in helping out, here’s a blog post: Donating to Manila from abroad that I found via Twitter.

Also, for a little bit of a libraries slant, check out: Typhoon Ondoy and Libraries

One thought on “Media, Libraries and Typhoon Ondoy

  1. I just voted:) I feel your pain, as I once put a poll on my site (back when it was on Live Journal), and got no responses. Don’t you have Word Press stats, so you can see how many hits there are on your blog? That’s one of my favorite features of Word Press.

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