Airplane Etiquette

Its been a while since my last entry, I’ll follow up with numerous posts after with what’s been going on. But, it does involve my recent trip to Niagara Falls for the New York Library Association (NYLA) Annual Conference. I flew there on Jet Blue, and it made me realize how annoying people really are. What has happened to our society and the sanctity of simple common courtesy? Seriously, not to get on a crazy rant, but what comes over people on airplanes? For example, if you sitting in row 14, why place your bag above row 16? That just makes things inconvenient for no reason. And, what’s the deal with people rushing to the front of the plane? If you are in row 20, wait until the rows before your row get out, don’t be rude and huff and puff, we all want to get off the plane, you aren’t special. It just annoyed me, and it annoyed me enough to dedicate a blog post to it.

2 thoughts on “Airplane Etiquette

  1. I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I was on a flight back to DC from Tampa in July- and there was a thunderstorm/monsoon so strong the plane was rocking back and forth at the gate…and THE JERKS IN THE SEATS NEXT TO ME didn’t understand why we weren’t taking off in the weather…and when the pilot came over the system to say “we don’t know when we’ll be taking off, just as soon as we can”= the guy yelled up at the flight attendant and said “oh, sounds like in pilot terms, we’re going to have an on-time departure because you all don’t care when we get where we’re going”. I was LIVID. WHO SAYS THINGS LIKE THAT OUT LOUD!? I just tried to tell myself that he must be a miserable Yankees fan or something…

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