Thanksgiving needs to get here fast!

And, yes, it is because this tortuous and painful baseball season will be over. The worst case scenario for Mets fans has occurred: Yankees vs Phillies in the World Series, and the Mets blogosphere is all about who Mets fans should root for, and why would shouldn’t root at all. I started watching the Mets more intensely during the 2000 World Series, and that’s when the Yankees beat the Mets, and this is the last time that the Yankees won the World Series as well. This is where my dislike for the Yankees stems from. My father is a Mets fan, and he has been one since he was a kid, and so, the only baseball games I went to as a kid where at Shea Stadium.

With all said, I don’t see myself rooting for either team: Yankees or Phillies, I guess that means I’m not a true New Yorker, but I don’t see how rooting for a team merely because they are in your hometown makes you more of a New Yorker. I am not jumping on a bandwagon for the sake of my location. I don’t like the Yankees and I don’t like the Phillies, so I’ll just make believe baseball doesn’t exist until next season. Besides, I will be too busy moving into a new apartment with Louie, more on that later ;o)

Here are a few blog posts that I agreed with on some level yesterday morning:

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Faith and Fear in Flushing: Address to Reluctant Mets Fans

One thought on “Thanksgiving needs to get here fast!

  1. You don’t have to root for them… but you darn well better not root against them. I’m a METS fan too… this is a tough series, but you should HATE the Phillies more than the mets. I have said this to others… on 9-11-01, METS AND YANKEES were just New Yorkers…

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