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This blog post is brought to you by Louie’s Xbox 360

To update a little, Louie and I moved into together, it’s been about two weeks. I’m still upset that the first thing I watched in my new apartment was the Yankees winning the World Series. Louie thinks it’s a good sign, I think otherwise, if you couldn’t tell.

As I settle in, I am growing particularly fond of Louie’s Xbox 360. Why? As most know, I cannot play any of the games that Louie plays. My feeble attempt to play Gears of War resulted in me getting killed in training mode. I like playing Puzzle Quest on my PSP,  thank you very much. But, the Xbox 360 is my little portal to NetFlix and now Zune. Too bad, How I Met Your Mother isn’t available for instant play on NetFlix. I have to patiently wait to my NetFlix DVD to arrive. ::sigh:: Or, just buy the DVDs… decisions, decisions. So, Louie was very excited about the new features on Xbox Live, which included Zune, which made watching The Guild very simple. Seriously, I would have finished The Guild last night, but that pesky little thing called “work” got in the way. This is new addition is probably why I still have a ton of boxes in our bedroom to go through as well.;)


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