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I’m a FarmVille Addict.

I have to confess to my FarmVille addiction, and no matter how busy I am, I always find time for this time sucking game. I always find the time to log into Facebook. Thank God, my Blackberry doesn’t support the game, otherwise, I’d be in trouble. I figured if I came clean, it was the first step, I’d be able to wean myself, but now they added Christmas decorations. ::sigh:: I wish it was something cooler, like 1 vs 100, seriously, I don’t know how I lived without XBOX 360 in the past.

Tomorrow,  I’ll actually write a blog post about the CUNY IT Conference, and about the session on Web Tools and the Institutional Repository I spoke about  But, tonight, it’s Friday, and I’m on my way out for some wine and girl bonding (don’t worry, Dollhouse is recording as I type…)

But, I needed to come clean about FarmVille, I feel better already. I know there are a lot of addicts out there. Let’s unite. 😉

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