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Why I hate rain and thieves!

I think I did something wrong, and the Powers-That-Be want to punish me.


Today I just had a lot of stuff to pick up from my parents, and I put it all in one bag, this included throwing in my How I Met Your Mother DVDs (woo hoo!)

I braved the rain, and my bag broke, and I thought I retrieved all of my belongings. I thought I did. Then, my umbrella broke. I needed assistance, I was a block away from my apartment. I called Louie, and he came to assist like the nice boyfriend that he is.

Well, we made it to the apartment, and Louie realizes that my HIMYM DVDs are not in the bag, and he goes and retraces my steps. I go and retrace my steps, back to my parents, and to no avail, the DVDs have vanished. So, I’m convinced someone swiped them within the 10 minutes I walked to and from my parents house. OR they just vanished into thin air, either way, they are  not in my possession anymore.

Of course, this makes me sad. They were still nicely shrink wrapped, and everything. If they were swiped, I hope the thief has no enjoyment from them. That’s right.

I tried to cheer myself up with watching Dollhouse and eating Mexican food, it helped a little. Side note: loved seeing Victor as Topher 😉 But, I still miss my never opened, never experienced DVDs.

And, I am also like, two minutes to midnight.

Maybe, a magical fairy will bring the DVDs back to me… I can only dream, or should I say hope. 😦

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