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Blogging Challenge Incomplete

I failed my blogging challenge, writing every day was harder than I expected. I did get a little side-tracked with my Tumblr experiment. But, I was still blogging on the regular. It wasn’t until my arrival of How I Met Your Mother, season 1-4, from Amazon that the decline in blogging occurred. Yes, I blame my lack of blog entries on my obsession with HIMYM. It’s so bad that over the weekend when my boyfriend, Louie, was watching a movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, starring Jason Segal. ( for those who aren’t in the know: he plays Marshall on HIMYM) His voice woke me out of my slumber, and I was mad because I thought Louie was watching HIMYM without me. Yes, I admit that is sad. Very sad.

I’m currently up to the last disc of Season 4, and then it will be time to catch up with the ten episodes that have aired for the current Season 5. My next dilemma: 8 pm hour on Monday already includes One Tree Hill and Heroes, my DVR can only record two shows at a time. It may seem like an obvious choice to most, but I’m glad I have a month to deal with this.

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