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High Five Fridays are fun

Just learned about High Five Friday on Twitter, thanks to @nerdsalad.  This photo above, definitely is one of my favorite scenes from How I Met Your Mother, and I figured it would be an appropriate #highfivefriday pic for me. I gave special shout out on Twitter to @thegingerpire and @draven12. But, I figured I’d go a little further… and give high fives to a few other things that have made me happy over the past week:

1. I’m finally all caught up with How I Met Your Mother, and I anxiously await new episodes on January 11.

2. My Christmas tree is done.. woo, hoo. I really wanted it to be more-Mets centric. Here’s my inspiration:


But, instead, here’s an upclose look at the finished product:

3. Christmas shopping online, thanks to Amazon, Entertainment Earth and Good Guy Comics. I may not have to go to the mall this year. 😉

4. Having consecutive three day work weeks for the rest of the month! 😉

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