Cheese may be the death of me..

Delayed Happy New Year!

Right now, I’m currently home sick, battling some nasty congestion. I am afraid to attempt the Neti Pot. I have heard about the wonders it does for allergy problems. I’ve been battling with allergy problems for a while, I’m on prescribed meds, but they still act up. I’ve been to an allergist, but I wasn’t down with getting shots. I’m not too fond of needles on a regular basis. I have a squirt bottle and saline spray, I’m thinking it may be time to use an old home remedy to clear my nasal passages, and rid myself of this constant congestion.

I just want to be able to breathe again, and breathe freely, no blockage. I just looked up this article on diet and nasal congestion on WebMD:

It seems obvious, change your diet and you will feel better. A student once told me that I should cut out dairy, it would help alleviate my congestion. But, I didn’t really listen. I have switched to soy milk. But, the idea of not eating cheese, well, it is not something I can do.  I don’t think I can do it. Maybe, cheese will just be the death of me.

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