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Worst Customer Service Ever!

As many of you know, my sister gave birth on January 8, 2010. I’m an auntie now, and I was very excited to get some new customized onesies for my little niece to wear. I went on Etsy, and I thought I found a cute store: WeROnesieful

I ordered two onesies, one for my younger sister and one for me. I also ordered a bib for my dad. The bib was cute, and very appropriate for my dad, it read:

“I burp and fart like my Grandpa Leli”

I received this item, and it was all fine and dandy.

But, when I came to the onesies for my sister and me. That was a different story. I asked for two onesies that read: I get my good looks from my Aunt Tinamarie… and one that said Aunt Liana. Instead, I received the design, If you think I’m cute… you should see my Aunt Tinamarie, and Aunt Liana. Not what I ordered, that’s the whole point of customization, you get what *YOU* want.

I wrote the seller a very nice email asking about getting the correct item, and policies about returning the incorrect items. She wrote back in short that her computer had a virus, and she had to create new designs, and simply chose a similar design.

I am sympathetic to her having a virus and all, but at that point, she no longer had the item I requested and paid for, and that’s what I wrote her very nicely stating that. This is when I experienced the worst customer service in my life, and I have to copy and paste her exact dialogue for you to get the true picture:

Give me a break, is the phrase THAT much different? You are just being difficult.

But, wait, there’s more… when I wrote back saying that I’m not being difficult, just asking for what I paid for. Her rude comments continued:

I am sorry, you would think I sent you something that said “I burp & fart like my Uncle Joey” on a blue onesie. The saying is VERY similar. I really don’t think the baby would mind. Do you see my point?”


Instead of her admitting her error, and just sending the items, she attacked me and was so rude. I never ordered from Etsy before, but this experience is not making me want to go back. I wrote her back, at this point, I don’t want anything from her, just give me my money back, and I’ll do my shopping elsewhere!

OMG! My first experience on Etsy has escalated to a level that I didn’t think it was possible. Realizing that there was no guarantee that she’d send the correct item, since she said she didn’t care, I decided to cut my losses in a sense, and just keep the items to avoid dealing with this woman ever again. This is the last exchange from her, obvious mental instability and I have reported her to Etsy, but I feel I need to share with everyone:

Again, ask me if I care. You disgust me with how anal you are in life. I gave you something so friggin similar and for you not to be happy repulses me. Get a life. The baby could give two shits about what they are wearing. Do you really think the baby would have cared that the wording was A LITTLE DIFFERENT????? DO YOU???? There are other things to worry in life, like the people in Haiti, then your God damn onesies being a tiny different in the wording. GET A LIFE PLEASE!!!!!!!”

This is a public service announcement: STAY AWAY FROM WeROnesieful!

2 thoughts on “Worst Customer Service Ever!

  1. aha ha! i’m so, so sorry that happened to you. that’s no way to be treated, and you were totally entitled to ask to be refunded, to exchange the items, etc… i’m just laughing b/c this person is so clearly off her rocker! “other things to worry about like the people in HAITI!”. geez… she should probably give up her business for a little and go take sojourn by a lake for a few months or something. honestly, it seems she’s missed a dose or two of her meds. what a wreck!

    1. definitely didn’t take her meds, i am so shocked by her behavior, i just had to write about it! i have been talking about it most of my friends, i can’t stop.

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