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My Blackberry Love is wearing thin

When I first received my Blackberry back in March of 2009, I was excited by all the possibilities at my fingertips. I loved it. My love is running out. The glitz has faded, and I am not pleased with my Blackberry anymore.

First, I had to get a replacement. It hasn’t been a year, and my Blackberry just randomly kept shutting off, and the keys were stuck and stopped working. Thankfully, it  was still under warranty, so I didn’t have to pay anything. But, still, the idea of having to replace your phone within a year — well, it doesn’t still well with me.

Then, after I merged my contacts at Verizon, a week later, all my contacts in my new replacement Blackberry have disappeared. I was never told about syncing your contacts to your computer. Apparently, you are suppose to do that. I guess I missed that memo… so now I’m stuck with starting from scratch. Luckily, my old Samsung still has most of my contacts. But, if you changed your number, or I just recently met you… sorry, I have no information for you anymore.

Before all this, I was already annoyed with my Blackberry. I hate the Facebook application, I know, I know, it’s just Facebook. But, it’s soooo annoyingly slow and it always freezes my phone. Why can’t this app be perfected already? There aren’t many applications for the Blackberry, and I knew that. But, I just don’t get why this application is so bad.

Oh, and what’s up with automatically downloading Bing onto my phone? I’m not down with that at all. It takes up space, and I don’t like Bing. If I wanted Bing, I would have downloaded it.

I thought I was the only one with Blackberry gripes, and then I read this post a while back:


Justin helped ease my pain by introducing me to Opera Mini browser, because well, the Blackberry browser just sucks, for a lack of better word.

I’m eligible for an early upgrade in November 2010…which seems like decades away. 😦

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