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Just in time for Women’s History Month…

My interests are colliding.  Sports and geek culture, and how females have to deal with a lot of showing their sincerity or true commitment. This seems to be a common trend in male-dominated realms such as these.

First, I read this blog post from @metsgrrl, which hit home for a lot of female sports fans out there. It takes a lot of proving that you are really a fan of David Wright, despite the fact that yes, he’s attractive. It has been brought up time and time again, but not all females are watching sports, particularly baseball, for the eye candy. Sure, its an added bonus. But, we actually enjoy the game of baseball, regrettably for me, most of my female best friends are Yankee fans. 🙂 But, we share our love of baseball, we know just as much as the average male fan, and we, at times, know more.  For more on this, please read this post:

Then, a few days later, I see that @geekgirldiva wrote a very similar post about geek girls, which stemmed from @thenerdybird‘s encounter with an anonymous comment on her account. It basically called into question the validity of geek girls, and if girls are really interested in comics, video games, and most things that tend to be male-dominated interests. Basically, girls can’t be interested in such things, and if they are interested, it’s only to taunt/tease men. This kind of thinking just shows how far us ladies still need to come. As @metsgrrl states in her blog title “sometimes it feels like we’ve made no progress at all.”

Here’s the blog post from @geekgirldiva, as the case in both blog posts, look at the comments, good dialogue and points being made:

I just couldn’t help but notice the underlying tone of both of these pieces, and it inspired me to actually blog, which I haven’t done in over a month. Thanks ladies for being my muse. It is unfortunate that females still need to prove themselves as true fans in both of these male dominated industries. But, with kick-ass female bloggers like these two, I’m confident we’ll get the respect we rightly deserve!

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