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PETA supports New York Mets veggie options.

I got an email from PETA’s Action Center, while, I’m not on a strict veggie/vegan diet, I have been trying to do limit my intake of such products. I signed up for action alerts, and was pleasantly surprised to see some good news for my beloved Mets:

I figured I’d share with everyone below:

“Dear Tinamarie,

After suggestions from PETA and comments from fans like you, the New York Mets have added a veggie dog, in addition to their veggie burger,  to the menu at Citi Field for the 2010 season!

You probably know that going vegetarian and getting others to join you is the most effective way to help animals. (Every vegetarian saves more than 100 animals a year from the cruelty of the meat industry.) A key part of successful vegetarian outreach is making sure that good vegetarian food is widely available. Now that the Mets are offering these delicious, meat-free options, we need your help to make sure that these foods are a success and that the stadium keeps offering them for years to come. So please grab a couple (or 10) of your fellow Mets fans and plan your trip to the ballpark now. Make sure that everyone orders one (or more!) of the veggie dogs or veggie burgers. Vegetarian foods are perfect for Mets fans who are health conscious or are concerned about theenvironment or animal welfare. Don’t forget to thank the concession workers for offering vegetarian options anddrop the Mets a line to let them know how much you appreciate it!

Thanks again for all that you do for animals. Happy eating, and go Mets!”

I’ll be at Citi Field tonight, maybe I’ll try out the veggie dog. 😉

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