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“Show Libraries/Librarians Some Love” Week

It’s National Library Week! Libraries are near and dear to me (and it’s not just b/c I am a librarian!), libraries fuel our communities more than most realize. There’s a bunch of evidence to show that libraries are vital and essential, yet library budgets around the country are being slashed.

Need more reasons to support libraries?

Need the hard facts about libraries? Click through the following links:

  • 77 million people used library computers and Internet access in past year” – Want more data?  Read the first-ever study about the American Public Benefits from Internet Access at  U.S. Libraries here.
  • Read the State of the Libraries Report to see how important library funding truly is, click here.
  • Please take action and show support,  I Love Libraries has a nifty map of all 50 states, with links to state library associations to give involved with legislation and advocacy.  Click here to get started!

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