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Help NYC Libraries!

Hi, it’s me again, advocating for libraries, because they are in trouble.

Here are some of the facts:

The New York Public Library could lose 10 branches, and service cut from 6 to 4 days a week, and other services could be lost as well. Visit this site to write your elected officials, make donations, and more:

The Queens Library could lose 14 branches, and 400 workers have already received 90-day lay off notices, and many of the free services cut. Visit here and sign the petition:

The Brooklyn Public Library could lose 16 branches, and layoffs of hundreds of employees, limited weekend hours, and more. Visit this site to write your elected officials:, and donate here:

Additionally, if you aren’t busy this Saturday, May 15, between 10 am-5 pm, please consider stopping by the  Love Your Library event at the Central Library, visit here for more information:

ALSO, get your postcards together and send them to Save NYC Libraries campaign, join the group on Facebook:

PLEASE Write all of your elected officials, especially the mayor, and save all NYC Libraries.

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