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My Golden Girls

Before I rest my bed and go to sleep, I have to pay tribute to the Golden Girls.

Each time one of my Golden Girls passes away, I feel a little piece of me going with them. I feel like I have little bit of  each of the girls’ personalities in me. I relate to that show on so many levels. It’s my therapy, whenever I’m feeling down, sick or just need a good laugh, I reach for my trusty DVDs, and escape to Miami with my Golden Girls.

So, today when I heard that Rue McClanahan (Blanche Devereaux) had passed away. My heart broke a little. Even though, I knew it was going to happen. I just had a conversation about her eminent passing this past weekend. Now, she joins my other beloved girls, Estelle Getty (Sophia Petrillo) and Bea Arthur (Dorothy Zbornak), which leaves my Betty White (Rose Nyland) as the last Golden Girl standing.

Today, I finally ordered Rue McClanahan’s book “My First Five Husbands..And the Ones Who Got Away” (yep, I used the WorldCat listing!) — and why this wasn’t in my collection before, I have no explanation for, but I have rectified this matter. Thanks to Better World Books for having a copy, can’t wait to read it in all its glory. With lines like this, how did I not read this before!

“People always ask me if I’m like Blanche. And I say, ‘Well, Blanche was an oversexed, self-involved, man-crazy, vain Southern belle from Atlanta—and I’m not from Atlanta!”

Jezebel did a nice tribute, with a great photo of Rue:

Photo from

You’ll missed Rue, say hi to Bea and Estelle, and each of you will live on through my trusty DVD collection.

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