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Why I need to get over the LOST series finale

It’s been over two weeks since LOST ended, and yes I am still looking and searching for LOST series finale critiques. I need to move on.

I am not a LOST watcher from the beginning, I didn’t invest six years of my life to LOST. I obsessively watched seasons 1-5 on Netflix, thank you Instant Play. I started my LOST journey in December, right after Christmas, and I caught up right before the season six premiere in February. My BF and I stayed up way nights watching LOST, it was a bonding experience. We bond over marathon sessions — (side note: it’s basically how we started dated, him introducing me to Smallville, and the rest is history.) So, yes, while I didn’t invest six years of my life, I invested roughly six months of my life, and it’s not that I want them back per se, I just expected more from the producers.

My issue is… and it appears I’m not alone, is the lack of unanswered questions, and while, College Humor post this video.

I’m really not in the boat where I needed to know EVERY question, but I did have one BIG question: what the hell is the island?

As I wrote  as a Facebook comment to a friend (this friend basically did everything to get me to watch LOST minus strapping me to a chair):

“I am a Lost finale hater of the last 7 mins. I was digging it, until Christian Shepard showed up, and made it all sappy. I’m still fixated on why the writers would take us on a sci-fi/mystery journey, and then end it like a soap opera. But, of course, I’ll buy the box set, and watch it all over again! My favorite character’s Desmond, and I”m still not sure how or why the hell he was on the Island? I need to know more about that island to be satisfied, I don’t need to know why the things happened, per se… I just need to know why they happened to happen on the island… what made the island so special/mysterious? Girl, I could talk about this forever, and the more articles/theories I read the crazier I feel… I need to detox! I need a new show to be obsessed with!”

I’m not sure why I quoted myself, but I did, and that’s my opinion. And here are a few articles that make me feel validated for my opinion, click away:


Lost was the Ultimate Con

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The Lost Finale

A Disappointed Fan is Still a Fan

2 thoughts on “Why I need to get over the LOST series finale

  1. I hear you hun! I started the finale entirely worried about how they were going to resolve so much in 2.5hrs, started getting a little annoyed with the montages at the beginning, knowing full well that they were wasting my precious last hours. I’ve tried not to read too much about the finale, but I always like to listen to theories in conversation… sigh… Tuesdays are not the same without Lost… at least I have Burn Notice…

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