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Countdown to Visit Malta

Some may or may not know, but I’m Maltese. Most assume that my last name is Italian. And, while I am Italian. It’s not from my father’s side. My dad was born in Malta (Birzebbuga to be exact). He came to this country when he was only 10 months old.

Why is this important? Well, I read this article few days ago: Medieval makes way for modern in Valletta, Malta

It got me thinking… I’ve never been to Malta. I always say that I want to go… I look up plane tickets, hotels, etc… but I never follow through. It’s always just a good idea. I need to make it happen, and now I want to make it happen before 2012. Why 2012? No, it’s not because the world is supposedly going to end. But, this is when this modern makeover of the historic entrance in Valletta, Malta will be completed. I’d like to see the historic entrance before it gets modernized.

Let the countdown begin… Malta in 2011?

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