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Take Two @ NYLA

I need to write this post while it’s still fresh in my mind. This was my second time attending the New York Library Association’s Annual Conference. This year’s conference was in Saratoga Springs — still an adventure, but in a different way. For more on my first time at NYLA, check out this post:

My First Crack @ NYLA

The more I go away from the NYC-area — the more I realize how much I need to experience the rest of my lovely state of New York.  I am already planning rugged adventures, watch out! As for the conference itself, here are the three things that stood out for me:

Emerging Tech Trends in Libraries,

Library Advocacy

and Alcohol

Those phrases aren’t in any particular order.

I am always generally impressed with the Emerging Tech Trends presentation @ NYLA. I enjoyed the setup of using’s Hype Cycles — the top ten trends were discussed in relation to libraries. I always take away something useful and informative from this presentation. Cloud Computing was number one on the list and security had been dropped from the list. Interesting shift, I must say. Also, on the list of trends was NextGen Analytics and Social Collaboration and Communication. Sensing a trend? Yup, it’s all about building community online and how to measure that. Good stuff to embrace.  Thanks to Blake Carver, Edward Corrado and Ken Fujiuchi for putting this together.

Ahh emerging tech trends (sometimes I feel like that word is soo overused in the library world!) — but I’m sure if we called it something else, I’d feel the same way about that phrase. Among other presentations related to tech trends, I attended the SMART Flash Talks — I liked the practical side of these talks, and the short pecha-kucha (lightening round) style. It was a nice mix of varying tech tools, from EBSCO’s Discovery Service at UAlbany by Elaine Lasda Bergman to iClickers at Berkeley College by Ed Rivera to name two. I also attended the Hyperlinked Library presentation by Michael Stephens. Here are the slides from that session: — these slides are good for inspiration regarding the community aspects I mentioned above. I should mention that I’ve linked all the names mentioned to their Twitter respective accounts, and also — the hashtag from the conference was #nyla10

Lots of talk about community, right? Well, I needed to back it up with an advocacy session. I attended the Frontline Advocacy session with Camila Alire, former ALA President. Good resources for those just starting out with library advocacy. Check out this site: Advocacy U — tips for public, college/university, school and special libraries. The message being that it starts with you. With that, I need to give a shout out to SaveLibraries and SaveNYCLibraries for their great work of inspiring me.

And my last item is alcohol — it was consumed over dinner/lunch or other social events talking about libraries, and sometimes in my hotel with some of the New York State Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer Domestic Violence Network‘s Conference attendees. Lots of great ideas come when you least expect it — which is why I am hoping that NYLA sets up from Networking Uncommons for next year’s conference. Sometimes the best thoughts are made when you aren’t in a session, or you are waiting for the next session, or taking a break from luncheons and the trade show. 🙂

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