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Documentaries all night long

I’ve been on a documentary kick lately. Seriously. It started with my obsession with Michael C. Hall’s voice. (I bought all of the history channel specials he narrated, yes, I know I have problems!)

I moved on to Netflix, and it naturally feeds my addiction very nicely– my instant queue is loaded.

I am staying up way past my bedtime and getting caught up in these films. I am getting inspired.

I have no idea how to shoot a documentary. I’d like to do something about boxing. Or just go to the Philippines already. It’s kinda like my fascination to go and study archeology, you know Indiana Jones-style.

I’m drawn to the documentary film — maybe it’s because it’s an intriguing way to look at our reality. It is also helps with the restless energy I have lately.

Any suggestions for me? This is the latest one I watched — Blood into Wine

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