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Time to Reflect…

Happy Birthday, MLK! – most of us have a day off to observe and reflect.  I started my day by playing Wii Fit and Just Dance 2, then I took a hot bath and now I’m watching  The Golden Girls marathon. It’s Betty White’s birthday too! But, I felt guilty for being so lazy and self-indulgent. I realized I still haven’t wrote a word about my ALA Emerging Leaders experience in San Diego. I decided to be productive, open my laptop, and start writing…

Spending a few days in San Diego in the middle of the NYC winter… well, it truly does something for the mind and soul. Before I left to San Diego, I was sick (once again, stupid immune system!) and a good friend told me about bees pollen and elderberry. I picked it up from GNC, and hoped that I didn’t have an allergic reaction! I don’t know if it was a mind over matter thing, but by the time I had to board the plane on Thursday 1/6 at 8 AM, I felt 100% better, and now I swear by this little combo. I may end up on that TLC show, My Strange Addiction, because I can’t stop eating bees pollen granules, it’s like candy to me!

Back to San Diego, and my purpose for going across the country — to participate in the ALA Emerging Leaders program.  What did I take away from it? I made some great friends and that was following the biggest lesson it appeared from the program ( it was definitely the most tweeted.) “Be scared and have a drink in your hand.” It may be like telling trade secrets, but it’s no secret that librarians like to unwind and take out those metaphorical buns. I always tease and say that I will change the face of librarians on my own. But, this isn’t necessarily a joke. That’s what I’m realizing, little by little, about my profession. We are all fascinating and intelligent people, and more of the world needs to see our value beyond the walls of libraries. 🙂

There was another word of advice that I scribbled in my notes: “Where am I making a difference and if I’m not, why am I doing it?”  I always find that I get involved with too many projects and commitments. I am definitely reevaluating what I am doing, and if it is worth it, and this goes beyond my professional life.

I am definitely looking forward to working with my group (this is part of the program) over the next few months and gathering once again at ALA Annual in New Orleans!



One thought on “Time to Reflect…

  1. “Where am I making a difference and if I’m not, why am I doing it?”

    another great quote that i didn’t write in my notes! hmm…

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