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Yo me voy a enseñar a leer (y posiblemente hablar) español :)

Yes — I used Google translate for this blog post title. I am going to teach myself how to read (and possibly speak) Spanish. I signed up to use Mango Languages through the New York Public Library (Brooklyn Public Library also has this resource too… check your local public library, yay for language learning!) I will probably need to take a class though — I’ll need some guidance. But, it’s going to happen. And here’s why…

It started when I began reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez again– I always thought “wow, this novel would more intense to read in Spanish.”

Then, by chance or fate? — I was at the library searching for Ethan Hawke’s novels (I didn’t end up picking those up, btw) — and I saw a book misplaced on the shelf. I read the spine — “Insatiable Spiderman” — this could be interesting. Well, here it is a few weeks later — and I am obsessed with this filthy little book, and more importantly, this author – Pedro Juan Gutierrez.

Since then, I have ordered Dirty Havana Trilogy and Tropical Animal (how can you not love those titles!) I have one more book on the way — Our GG in Havana. These are the only titles that have been translated into English. In order to read his other stuff, I need to learn how to read in Spanish, and I am determined to do so.

Click on the book covers below… it will take you to Better World Books to order them if your heart desires 😉


3 thoughts on “Yo me voy a enseñar a leer (y posiblemente hablar) español :)

  1. Bueno, Tinamarie! (That’s me showing off my rusty high school Spanish.) The dailylit website sometimes has language lessons that you access by signing up for a daily email. They had one for Spanish a little while ago. Catherine

  2. let me know how you like Mango! I’ve always wanted to try it, but I’ve already failed at learning another language so many times I’m afraid to try again

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