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An Evening with Bruno Mars

Yes – Bruno Mars deserves his own blog entry. I was going to add this to my Culture Challenge blog post (which I’ll probably post soon!) — but I couldn’t just throw him in.

If you follow me, you know about my (slight) obsession with Bruno Mars. So, when I saw that Meet and Greet tickets were on sale, I naturally had to purchase them, and the result is below:

I seriously thought I might faint, and he smelled wonderful. I just wanted to run away off into the sunset with him… a girl can dream.

After meeting him, a brief moment that will last in my memory forever (yes, I am being way dramatic, haha) — I couldn’t wait to see him perform live, and all the waiting was so worth it.

I discovered Janelle Monae, she’s pretty bad ass, and I will be downloading her songs on itunes after I post this.

I’ll just post two videos to sum up the evening — I am contemplating becoming a groupie and following the tour across the country. 🙂

You can just imagine my thoughts during this —

Love the dancing!



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