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This screenplay isn’t going to write itself…

I let it be known that one of my dreams is to win an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

Sure, it’s a long-shot. But, I have to actually write one before I knock my dreams. 😉

On Sunday, I went to see this wonderfully inspiring musical play, Neon Baby, at Pregones Theater, in the Boogie Down Bronx. I realized on the train ride home that I need to write. This was especially clear after I was retelling one of my stories to my friends and a random guy on the train started laughing from overhearing my story. It appears I have an audience.

Another source of inspiration besides that play, I’ve been watching Oprah’s Master Class. I’ve been gathering these quotes from each episode to motivate me. This week featured Lenny Kravitz. I may love him a little after seeing that episode.

And, this book has really made me realize that I can do it, lots of practical advice, highly recommend:



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