My World Cup Eye Candy….

This is a completely gratuitous blog post.

I admit it.

This stems from my admission that I selected my World Cup bracket based on the attractiveness of the men in certain countries.

But, I didn’t actually look at the players themselves (shame on me!)

So, after several posts to my Facebook page about the hottest World Cup players, I decided to make my own selection. I’ll keep it brief.

And let’s just get it out of the way… because everyone thinks he’s pretty hot (he’s a little too pretty for me)

…Cristiano Ronaldo…


Now… for your viewing pleasure…. my top 10 (I attempted to do a top 5, but there was too much hotness going on…)

These are in no particular order, btw!

1. Salvatore Sirigu — ITALY


2. Camilo Vargas — COLOMBIA


3. Christian Noboa — ECUADOR


4. Miguel Veloso – PORTUGAL


5. Olivier Giroud – FRANCE

Giroud 1 120801MAFC

6. Ezquiel Lavezzi – ARGENTINA


7. Rafael Marquez – MEXICO


8.  Antonio Valencia – ECUADOR


9. Gerald Pique – SPAIN


10. Mathew Leckie – AUSTRALIA


p.s. I linked to the original images, thanks Google image search 🙂


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